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All-in-one Infrared Classroom PA System - QSonic1000

Series: Journey 13 Series
Model: QSP-IRS2
  • Hand Free
  • IR sensor
  • Duel speakers
  • Easy to set up
  • Full control to the presenter
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QSonic1000 is an infrared wireless microphone & sound system, the newest product line by QOMO. Composed of one lavalier microphone and two IR speakers, it is designed to be simple enough for both portable use or permanent installation. 

60-75% of all learning is auditory, so the need for sound enhancement in the classroom is extremely important. QSonic1000 comes with a powerful 30 watt amplifier and two full range speakers for coverage of an average classroom. By choosing the QSonic1000 solution, each audience member can hear the presenter speaking no matter where they are seated in the room. 

Qomo’s IR microphone sends signals to the receiver using infrared light. IR microphones are ideal for a four-walled classroom with signals contained within the walls of the room in which they are used. Hence privacy issues and interference with other classrooms are a thing of the past.  

One Voice, One Mic

The QSonic microphone is designed for the presenter to wear all day: it is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Volume controls on the microphone allow the presenter to quickly make adjustments to the microphone volume. The microphone has a high-quality rechargeable Li-ion battery, allowing it to stay charged up to seven hours!

Voice Enhancement

Qomo's hands-free wireless microphone is a powerful tool in the classroom. The microphone will make instruction clearer. This will help audience members participate during a lecture and give them the confidence to ask questions. By using microphones in the classroom or office, the presenters can now speak in their natural voice to communicate information. With the hands-free microphone, the presenter can write notes on a panel or demonstrate their presentations.

  • Hand Free
  • IR sensor
  • Duel speakers
  • Easy to set up
  • Full control to the presenter

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